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SafeSnapp.  An app that turns your iPhone into a self-defense tool.   It’s sort of like a Digital Pepper Spray, only better.

What if there was a way you could prevent someone attacking you, right before they’re about to attack?  What if you could send 3 pictures and the GPS location of the bad guy, to a secure place where police can get to it, before he attacks?

That’s exactly what SafeSnapp is designed to do…  to make a record of a possible attack, before it happens… and get that data off your phone fast, within a few seconds.

Then, if the attacker follows through and does attack you, there is already instant evidence of you being in the exact same place with him right before the attack.  If needed, authorities would be able to see several pictures of the attacker, your exact GPS location and the exact time when you were both there.  Now police have a very good lead to go on.

But there’s an even better scenario with SafeSnapp.  Knowing that his picture, GPS location and exact time have already been recorded and sent off your phone, the attacker is forced to choose….  Attack and get caught, or don’t attack.

How it works:
Push the SafeSnapp app icon on your phone.  Point it in the direction of the would be attacker.  Within seconds of launching SafeSnapp, several photos are taken, usually 3 photos in under 2 seconds time.  Then the user’s name, cell phone number, the 3 photos, the user’s exact GPS location are all immediately and automatically sent to the user’s email, one contact email, and our secure SafeSnapp database.  The SafeSnapp app is designed to do all these things with one push of a button.  And it all happens within a few seconds.

We all see too many stories about people who have been kidnapped or murdered, and police have nothing to go on, because there was no one there to record anything about what happened.   With SafeSnapp, if you’re ever in trouble, YOU can get the important information to a secure location where the authorities can access.  Think of it as your own personal security system, which you can launch quickly if you ever need to.

And SafeSnapp is fast.  Very fast.   You push the SafeSnapp button on your iPhone, point it in the direction of the attacker, and within a few seconds, all the important data is already off your phone.  Even if the attacker breaks your phone, it’s too late, his pictures and data are already gone.   And there is nothing he can do to undo it.

Put the power back in your hands.


What iPhone/Camera/GPS technology was meant for.

You can view tutorials of how the app can be used in a live situation and what the app functions look like as they are performing on our website,

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